Question Pools

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Question Pool Overview

When you create an assessment, you can use question pools to present each student with a different version of the assessment.  Blackboard pulls an identified number of questions from the pool for each student, presenting each student with a different combination of questions.  Question pools is what was referred to in Original Course View as a Random Block or Question Set.  Question Banks house various Question Pools.

To learn about editing questions within a question pool, Editing Question Pools Used in a Test.

Watch A Deeper Dive into Question Banks, Question Pools, and Adding Questions to a Course to learn more.  Reusing test questions, creating a new test bank, importing a question bank, and uploading test questions via a Text File will be covered in this video.

Ultra vs. Original Course View Assessment Terminology

Changes to assessment feature names have been made in Bb Ultra to align with current industry standards.  The table lists the names of assessment question features in the two different course views.

Ultra Course View Original Course View
Question pool Random block and question set
Question bank Question pool
Question analysis Item analysis


Adding Questions to a Test from a Question Pool

Note: you can’t add question pools to assessments where you’ve added a rubric, chosen to collect submissions offline, or if students have already opened the assessment.

In an assessment, select the purple plus sign wherever you want to add a question pool and then select add question pool from the menu.

Adding a Question Pool to a Test


On the Add Question Pool page, select the assessments, question banks, and question types you want to browse:

Question Pool Selection Options

To view the questions available, select an Assessment or a Question Bank from those provided in the list.  Expand a question to view it in its entirety. You cannot edit questions or change point values until after they have been added to an assessment question pool.

Viewing Questions Available in a Question Pool


Select the check boxes next to the questions you want to add or Select All if all questions are desired, then select Add Questions.

Adding Questions to a Pool


The question pool then appears in your assessment where the point value per question can be edited and the number of questions to pull from the pool to display to students can be determined. Separate point values cannot be assigned for individual questions in the same pool -- they must all be worth the same number of points.  When finished, select Save to add the question pool to your assessment.

Question Pool Options

Before students open an assessment, you can add questions and open an individual question’s menu to remove, edit, or regrade it.

If you edit a question in a question pool, the edits appear everywhere the question is used.

After students open an assessment or make submissions, you can't add or remove questions from a pool or delete a pool from an assessment. However, you can still edit, regrade, and give full credit for questions in the pool.

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