CIS Voice-Over Studio Recording Guide

Before You Arrive 

  • Check out this article on how to record narration like a pro
  • Get familiar with the Voice-Over Studio recording process guide attached to this article. 
  • Bring presentation materials on a USB drive or be prepared to download them from OneDrive.  (OneDrive is available via web browser at
    • PRO TIP:  Format your PowerPoint slides in the Widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio 
  • Also, consider bringing water or some sort of (non-carbonated) beverage to keep your voice in top condition.  Warm drinks can also help keep the vocal cords pliable during recording. 

During Recording 

  • Position the microphone so that it's approximately 8-10” away from your mouth and slightly off to one side.  
  • Smile!  This simple hack makes vocal tones sound warmer and more pleasing. 
  • If you make a mistake, DON’T STOP THE RECORDING.  Give yourself a few seconds of silence, and then go back to the nearest natural break before the error and begin that section again.  Afterward, use Panopto’s web-based editor to remove/edit the mistake.  (For shorter lessons, you may find it easier just to do another take.) 
  • Try to keep your recording between 6-9 minutes.  If you cannot cover your topic within this recommended range, consider breaking the content up into multiple, shorter recordings. 

After Recording 

  • Recorded presentations can only be viewed after they have been processed and uploaded on the Chipcast/Panopto server.  As a result, users are prompted to upload their content immediately after recording; however, no one can see this upload except you.  After processing on the server, you will receive and email with links to view, edit, and share the recording. 

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