Gradebook Overview


Oveview of the Gradebook including an explanation of the List and Grid Views.


This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Gradebook Overview

The Gradebook provides a lot of capabilities from multiple views and filtering, various grading options, and a variety of grading actions.  There are (2) views of the Gradebook: Grid View and List View. From the Course Content page, click on the Gradebook tab shown near the top:

Accessing the Gradebook


Watch this short video on the Gradebook:


For a more in-depth review of the Gradebook and all its capabilities, watch The Ultra Gradebook Video Series including:

To learn more about the Gradebook and Grading see:

Grid and List Views of the Gradebook

Instructors tend to have a preferred view between the Grid View and the List View. The Gradebook will save the last selected view from the instructor, saving time and a click.

Grid View Image of the Gradebook

Watch:  Explore the Grid View of the Ultra Gradebook video

The default state of a given cell in the Gradebook Grid View is a “-” (a single dash).

Image 1: Instructor view of the Gradebook Grid View where cells without submissions are displaying “-” (a single dash); cells where there are new submissions still display the New Submission label

Instructor view of the gradebook grid view where cells without submissions are displaying “-” (a single dash); cells where there are new submissions still display the New Submission label


List View Image of the Gradebook, Gradable Items Tab

Note: List View provides the additional option to grade either by the assessment or by the student (see Gradable Items and Student tabs in the image below)

Course Gradebook on Gradable Items list view as preferred view 


List View of the Gradebook (including the Students Tab)

Watch:  Explore the List View of the Ultra Gradebook video

The Student tab from the List View improves Gradebook performance in courses with very large enrollment numbers. In the Student List View tab, instructors can see rows for each student in addition to a tab with rows for Gradebook items.  

Items such as last access date, student, and user ID are included so instructors can easily get to the student record they want.

Instructors are able to view all the Gradebook items for a single student and grade and give feedback on just those submissions. The 3-dot menu in the far right column on a student row,  allows the instructor to message the student and is another path to set accommodations for the student. 


Clicking on a student name, opens the Student Overview Page to view the grades earned thus far in the course (Grades Tab, shown below) and the student's progress throughout the course (Progress Tab).

Watch:  The Student Overview Page video to learn more.

List View - Student Tab - Individual Student View of Grades Tab


The Progress tab shows the student's progress in the course.  Modules can be expanded for a view of the progress made on individual content items.  Additional options (Student Activity in the course, Accommodations, and Send Message) are available in the upper right corner under the grade pill.

Student Progress from Student Tab List View


Search & Filtering Capabilities of the Gradebook

To learn more, see filtering options in the Grid View of the Gradebook.

The Search Gradebook feature is only available on the Grid View:

Search Gradebook

In the upper right side of the Gradebook are additional options:

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • Filter:  The filter icon only appears when on the Grid View of the Gradebook.  This feature allows you to filter the Gradebook on various options.
  • Search by Submission Receipt:  This allows you to search by submission receipt number for student work submitted into the course.
  • Upload:  Upload the Gradebook.
  • Download:  Download the Gradebook.
  • Settings Gear Icon:  opens a side pane with additional configuration options.

filter Icon Filter Options

From the Filters side panel, you can search by a student, a group, a particular activity in the Gradebook, or by a Gradebook category:

Grid View Filtering Options


Submission Receipt Search IconSearch by Submission Receipt

Should a student indicate work was submitted into the course that you cannot locate, it can be searched by the Submissions Receipt number provided by the student.

Submission Receipt Search

Upload-Download IconsUpload and Download Options

Upload Feature

Gradebook Upload Screen


Download Feature

The Download Gradebook provides a variety of options for downloading the entire Gradebook or select Gradebook items.

Download Gradebook Side Panel


Settings Gear IconSettings Gear Icon

Clicking the gear icon opens the Settings panel.  Here, Grade Schemas can be manged, thresholds set, Automatic Zero and Overall Grade settings found, along with Grade Categories, Rubrics, and Overall Grade Notations.

 Settings Panel





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