AI-Generated Journals

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Authentic Journal Prompts Overview

Blackboard provides the ability to generate authentic Journal prompts using Artificial Intelligence technology.  To ensure the instructor is in control, the AI-generation process allows instructors to: 

  • Enter a journal description
  • Select course items as a reference
  • Select a desired cognitive process based on Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Set the complexity
  • Generate a journal title

The instructor can review the generated prompts and select one to add as a journal. After adding the prompt, the instructor can edit or further refine the prompt as appropriate.

Creating an AI-Generated Journal

From the location where a journal activity is desired in the course, select the purple plus > Create > Journal.  In the upper right corner, select Auto-Generate Journal, then:

  1. In the Description box, enter in keywords the journal should be about.
  2. The "Select Course Items" box allows you to generate a prompt based on existing content within your course.
  3. In the Desired Cognitive Level drop-down menu, select the Bloom's taxonomy category desired (e.g. Apply, Analyze, Evaluate, or Create).  If Inspire Me! is selected, a selection of prompts is created using a variety of these options.
  4.  Select the desired level of complexity on the Complexity Scale
  5.  If a prompt title is desired, check the Generate Journal Title box
  6.  Click Generate
  7.  Review the prompt options and select one to add as a journal by clicking the radial button next to the desired prompt.
  8.  Select Add to create the journal.


Once a journal has been added, it can be further edited if desired and settings applied.

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