The Blackboard Ultra Repository

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


What is the Blackboard Ultra Repository?

The Blackboard Ultra Repository provides faculty with access to a variety of resources for use in their course, including self-help resources for students and already-crafted instructions for frequently used tools such as Respondus Lockdown Browser or virtual meeting tools.

Faculty can find the Ultra Repository shell on the Courses tab on the Blackboard homepage, under the “Assorted Dates” section.  If you are unable to find the Repository shell, try searching for it in the search bar above, or paging through your additional course list located at the bottom of the course page.  If you are still unable to locate the shell, contact the CMU Help Desk and ask to be added to the Ultra Repository Shell.

Content in the Ultra Repository is able to be viewed but cannot be edited or changed.  You can copy content from the Repository shell into your Ultra teaching shell.


Resources Provided in the Ultra Repository Shell

The Repository shell provides a variety of items for both the instructor and the student.  Some content items are meant only for instructor use and should not be shared with students.  These items are identified by having the word “Instructor” in the title.

The first items we find in the shell are tools commonly used in Blackboard courses.  Expanding the tool’s module, we will find information is provided on the tool for the instructor and the student.  The instructor information is meant only for faculty use and should not be shared with students.  If you are using these tools in your course and would like to copy this information to your shell, you can.

Also located in the Repository shell is a collection of Self-Help Resources.  Adding these resources to your Ultra course would provide students with direct access to study strategies or other materials to support them in the successful completion of graded activities.


Copying Content from the Repository to Your Ultra Shell

When you have determined which content items you would like to add your course from the Repository, go to your Ultra course and determine where you would like these items placed. Should they be within their own Resources Module or within the module where they are being used?  Using either the Purple Plus or the 3-dot menu, copy the desired content.



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