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This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Note: When copying course content from one Ultra shell to another, it is recommended that the Orientation & Overview module, Library and My Textbook links in the Destination Course (where content is being copied to) be deleted in this shell prior to the copy being completed if the Source course (where content is being copied from) already contains these elements within it.  This will prevent duplication of these items in the Destination shell.


Copy Content vs Copy Items

Watch this short video on Copying Content to learn more.

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Copying content from one Blackboard shell to another is an effective method for an instructor to reuse documents, assessments, or other items.  There are (2) ways to copy content from one course shell to another or to replicate content within the same shell -- regardless of the path chosen, both options take the user to the same copy content screen:

Method 1:  Copy Content (through the Purple Plus)

On the Course Content page, where you would like the content to be placed, click on the Purple Plus then Copy Content:
Copy Content

Method 2:  Copy Items (through the 3-dot menu)

From the 3-dot menu on the upper right side of the Course Content page (by the magnifying glass icon), select Copy Items. NOTE:  Content copied via this method, adds the content at the bottom of the Content page.

3-Dot Copy Items Menu Option

The copy process copies course structure, materials, assessments, and settings from one course to another.  Either full course content can be copied into the course desired, modules or folders worth of content, or individual content items. User data is not copied. User data includes student enrollments, grades, test scores, journal posts and comments, and discussion threads.

Copying All Content from a Source Course

To copy all content found in the Source Course:  In the list provided locate the Source Course you wish to select content be copied from > check the box next to that course > Start Copy. 

Course Copy - Entire Course


Copying Select Content Items from a Course

After selecting the desired Source Course (course housing the content that is wanted), click the arrow key to the right of the course:

Content Copy - Select Content Copied from Source Course

At the next screen, identify the content item(s) desired to be copied into the Destination Course > Start Copy.  If desired, click the arrow key again, to drill further down to copy only an individual content item:

Select Content Copy


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