Sandbox Shells for Ultra Migration

Sandbox Shell Overview

Each instructor has been given (4) Sandbox Shells:  3 in Ultra, 1 in Original.  A Sandbox Shell is simply a course shell that doesn't have content in it.  These shells are provided so you can explore Ultra and eventually, once your Ultra Education has been completed, migrate course content from Original to Ultra.

Locating Your Sandbox Shells

Sandbox shells are found on the Courses tab on the Bb Homepage under the "Assorted Dates" section.  Each Ultra shell has the following naming convention:


NOTE:  Ultra Sandbox shells are only for internal, personal use and may not be made available to students or used in any public-facing capacity prior to Fall 2024.

Your Original Sandbox Shell has the following naming convention:


Tip:  You can add your sandbox shells to your Favorites to locate them at the top of your course listing by clicking the star icon on the course.

Using Your Sandbox Shells

Ultra Sandbox Shells

Your three Ultra sandbox shells have been provided to give you a place to explore and learn Ultra.  Once you have completed training to learn Ultra, migration of course content from Original to Ultra can begin.  You can use each Ultra Sandbox Shell to house content for each unique course you teach. Depending on the number of unique courses you teach, you may need additional Ultra Sandbox Shells.  To request additional Ultra Sandbox Shells, use this form.  Once your content in your Ultra Sandbox shell has been finalized, and after your Ultra Teaching Shell has become available for the given semester your course will run in Ultra, content can be copied from your Sandbox Shell to your Teaching Shell.

Tip: Edit the name of your Ultra Sandbox Shell to reflect the name of the Course Designator migrated into it to identify it easier.

Original Sandbox Shell

Your one Original Sandbox Shell can be used to copy content from a teaching shell to your Original Sandbox Shell to prep your course for migration to Ultra.  If you teach more than one unique course, the Original Sandbox shell can be Bulk Deleted once content has been migrated to an Ultra Sandbox shell to wipe the Original Shell clean and begin again with your next course.  Do not use your teaching shell to prep your Original course for migration to Ultra.  Teaching Shells should remain as-is, serving as a historical account of the learning students received in the course.  Use the Original Sandbox Shell provided to prep content for migration to Ultra.


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