Editing Course Name of an Ultra Course

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Shell ID vs Course Name

Every course shell in Blackboard has (2) identifying properties:  Shell ID (cannot be changed) and Course Name (editable).  The Shell ID is derived from SAP, CMU's primary information system where courses are created.  Upon creation of the course, the Shell ID is passed from SAP to Blackboard, creating the Bb shell for the course. 

The Shell ID contains the course designator, Academic Year and Semester the course is being offered, the course section number or EPN, and modality of the course (e.g., FIN332-23500-22423121_CR). 

The Course Name contains the course designator, course title, section number, and modality (e.g., FIN332 Managerial Finance 22423121 (Classroom)).

From the Blackboard home page, depending on user preferences for displaying courses in either icon or list view, courses with their Shell ID's and Names appear as shown below (Shell ID is displayed on top with the Course Name appearing beneath it):

Course Display List View                     Course Display Icon View


Inside a course the Shell ID (again shown on top) and Course Name (beneath it), appear in this manner:


Changing the Course Name

If desired, instructors can change the course name to more quickly identify a specific section or other pertinent attributes.  When changing the name of the course, faculty are strongly encouraged to retain the Course Designator in the name, keeping in mind the name must also clearly resonate with students and readily communicate course information. 

To edit the course name:

  1. Click into the Course Name (when you hover over it, the Course Name will appear underlined and display a pencil icon next to it), remove unwanted verbiage, and add desired verbiage.
  2. Click out of Course Name field and changes will automatically be saved.

For example, the Course Name shown above has been edited from "FIN332 Managerial Finance 22423121 (Classroom)" to "FIN332 11 am T/TH (Classroom)" below, while the Shell ID (FIN332-23500-22423121_CR) remains unchanged:

Course Name Changed

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