Written Responses in Blackboard Ultra (Student View)

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course, view the Original Course View tutorial collection.


In the case that a test, quiz, discussion board, or assignment requires a written response, Blackboard Ultra provides a small variety of tools to assist you in formatting your write-up. Upon accessing a written assignment, the textbox will have the following appearance:

Below is a guide for how to use each tool and function available in the assignment submission area.

Tool Functions

Below are the functions of each of the tools in the textbox toolbar.




Text Style

The user may select between title, header, subheader, and paragraph text. The default text used is “Paragraph”.


Displays a variety of fonts. The default font used is Open Sans.

Font Size

Displays a selection of font sizes ranging from 10 to 48. The default font size is 14.

Color Picker

The user may change the text color to their choice. The default text color is black.

Bold, Italic, and Underline

Allows the user to Bold, Italicize, or underline their text.

Text Options

Opens a submenu containing the following options: Strikethrough, Superscript, Subscript, and Code Snippet.

Text option: Strikethrough

Adds this effect to selected text.

Text option: Superscript

Toggle this option to make selected text appear slightly above your regular text.

Text option: Subscript

Toggle this option to make selected text appear slightly below your regular text.

Text option: Code Snippet

Include selected computer code.

Create or Edit Table

Used to edit or insert a table.

Alignment Options

Allows the user to align their text to the left, right, center, or justify.

Lists (Menu)

Creates a second tab displaying the following options: Bulleted list, numbered list, Line-height options, Left-to-right direction, and Right-to left direction.

Bulleted List

Create a list that uses bullet points

Numbered List

Create a numbered list

Line-Height Options

Select from the following spacing options: Single, 1.15, 1.5 (default), and Double.

Left-to-Right Directions

Your created list begins on the left side of the text area.

Right-to-Left Directions

Your created list begins on the right side of the text area.


Deletes the last action performed.

Clear format

Reset the text to the default format. This tool does not delete text.


Creates a hyperlink for selected text.


Allows the user to attach a file from their computer storage.

Insert Content

Displays a drop-down menu where the user may choose from a variety of items

Turning in Files

You have two options for turning in your file of choice.

To start, you may drag your selected file into the textbox. Below is a short guide on how to complete this.

1. Log into Blackboard and select your class.

2. Locate the assignment in the content area and select the link.

3. Click “View Assignment” from the right-hand menu.

4. Open your “File Explorer” application on your device.

5. Within file explorer, navigate to your file of choice.

6. Click on the file and drag it into the textbox area of the assignment submission.

7. If done correctly, you will see a percentage on screen as Blackboard uploads the assignment.

8. Blackboard will prompt you to edit the file name. This is optional. Select “Save” once you have renamed your file (if needed).

9. Blackboard will show you a preview of the document that you have submitted. You can use this preview to review your work.

10. If you submitted the wrong file or would like to make some additional edits before submitting your work, select the trash can icon in the top-right corner to delete your submission.

11. Select the “Submit” option to turn in the assignment.

Alternatively, you can use Blackboard Ultra to attach a file.

1. Complete steps one through three above.

2. Select the paperclip icon from the icon from the textbox toolbar.

3. From here, Blackboard will display your files. Locate your file of choice and double-click it.

4. Blackboard will prompt you to edit the file name. This is optional. Select “Save” once you have renamed the file.

5. As mentioned previously, Blackboard Ultra will show you a preview of your work as well as give you the option to delete your submission using the trash can icon.

6. Select “Submit” to turn in the assignment.

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