Running Total

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Running Total Explanation

Philosophies and practices are quite diverse when calculating the overall course grade. The Overall Grade is the quotient of points earned divided by total graded points available. This calculation is the Running Total, which means that grade columns not yet attempted are ignored when calculating the total or overall grade for the course.  The Running Total setting is found in the Overall Grade column and is called "Base calculation on points earned out of total graded points."  The Running Total is on by default in all courses.  

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Instructor view of Overall Grade Settings - After

To provide greater clarity to students, dynamic text explains the instructor's calculation choice. Students can see the Overall Grade and calculation details from the information icon in their Gradebook. The student may also select the Overall Grade pill to see calculation details.

Image: Student view of dynamic text to explain the Overall Grade calculation options

Student view of dynamic text to explain the Overall Grade calculation options


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