Migration Overview: Steps to Migrating Content from Original Course View to Ultra

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Steps to Course Migration

Step 1:  Understanding the Migration Process

Watch this short Migration Overview video.

  1. The migration to Ultra provides an opportunity to re-imagine your course with streamlined navigation, increased accessibility, and following the recommended sound principles of course design shared in your Ultra training.  Ultra is a very different interface, and it is as simple as performing a course copy from Original to Ultra.
  2. Complete your Ultra Education BEFORE migrating course content.  CIS offers many training opportunities including video tutorials, open support hours, and scheduled webinars.  Take advantage of these offerings to aid you in your understanding of Ultra and ensure proper course setup before you begin migrating your course to Ultra.
  1. CIS will migrate master course content for online courses only. Each instructor is responsible for migrating their teaching shells. Ultra presents a significantly different structure for content presentation and navigation than the current version of Bb. This results in the need for instructors to make pedagogical decisions not only on where to place course content within their Ultra shell, but also in determining overall course design, configuration, and setup. These are decisions that can only be made by the subject matter expert - the instructor teaching the course. It is for this reason, CIS and OIT Help Desk staff cannot migrate course content for instructors. 
  2. Features & Configuration Options in Original may not necessarily be the same in Ultra.  A few features have been permanently lost.  Other features provide different configuration options or behave slightly differently in Ultra, while new features and capabilities have been gained.  See the Distinctions Between Original and Ultra Course View guide in the left interactive menu to learn more.
  3. While CIS is here to support instructors with the transition from Original to Ultra Course View, the high instructor-to-CIS-staff ratio does not allow for unscheduled requests or continuous ongoing assistance. Instead, open support hours to provide opportunities to ask questions, seek assistance, and obtain consultation are provided. These drop-in sessions will be held both virtually and in person on a weekly basis.


Step 2:  Preparing your Original Course for Migration

Use the Migration Prep Guide to prepare your Original Course View course to be migrated to Ultra.


Step 3:  Migrating Content

Use the Migration Guide to migrate content to your Ultra course sandbox shell.


Step 4: Post-Migration Review

Once content has been copied into your Ultra Sandbox shell, finalize the setup of your course by completing a Post-Migration Review and New Feature Consideration.

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