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This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


The Books & Tools option provides access to several third-party tools that have been integrated into Blackboard Ultra. This tool is located under the “Details & Actions” menu on the left side of the course content page. Below is a comprehensive list of the functions that you may utilize in your Blackboard Ultra Course.

Some items may contain a plus icon next to them. This icon allows you to add a direct link to this tool in your course’s content area. Those without a plus icon may only be viewed by the designated instructor(s) or teaching assistant(s) of a given course.





Houses a badge system used to recognize students for completing specific actions in your course and tracking their overall progress toward meeting a new goal. These actions can include competing a project, learning a new skill, or achieving new experiences.

Cengage Tool

Used to link your course’s textbook(s) and related learning materials. Depending on the course, Cengage includes interactive modules and textbook questions.

Hawkes Single Sign on

Like Cengage, Hawkes Learning provides select classes with reading materials and several modules of content to assist student learning. The single sign on allows students to automatically create and enter their Hawkes Learning account.

Hawkes Sync Tool

Allows the instructor to sync their course with the designated Hawkes Learning section.

Macmillan Learning

Like Cengage, Macmillan Learning provides students with e-books and new learning opportunities. Some features include a gradebook that is directly linked to your BlackBoard shell, adaptive quizzes, and online writing resources.

Microsoft OneDrive

Access your files by signing into your OneDrive. You may attach said files to any content area of your choice.

Microsoft Teams

Upon signing into Teams, you will be able to create a meeting link for your scheduled classes. Additionally, you may provide a direct link to view any content posted in a Teams shell.

My Textbooks

Directs students to view their textbook(s) associated with your course.


Used to discourage academic dishonesty in tests, assignments, and write-ups.


Uses course materials to make memory-based activities. Instructors may use this program to track student progress.


Allows you to make a direct link to your WebEx room. This can be for the purpose of lectures, office hour meetings, or break out rooms.

Wiley Course Resources

Is an alternative to Macmillan Learning as it provides many of the same benefits and features.

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