Student Progress Report in Ultra

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Student Progress Overview

Instructors often desire insight into the progress students are making in their course. Knowing this helps instructors to engage early with students or adjust course content as needed.  The Single Student Progress Report focuses on the path each student is taking on the course with date/time stamps and the visibility of each item. In this report instructors can view:

  • The content they have created for their students
  • The progress the student has made with relevant date/time stamps
  • The current visibility status of each item

This report is only available when Progress Tracking is turned on in the course Progress Tracking is on by default in all course shells.

Instructors can access this report:

  • By selecting a single student from the Student Progress report on a content item
  • By selecting a single student from the Gradebook list view, Students tab, Student Progress tab
  • By selecting a single student from the Gradebook grid view, Student Progress tab

When grading anonymously, the student progress status is hidden until the instructor posts grades. This ensures the student’s identity remains anonymous during the grading process.

Viewing Student Progress

By Module

Instructors can view each student's progress through a particular module by clicking the dots on a module > Student Progress:

Student Progress by Module


The view provided shows which students have not yet opened the module, who have started and who have completed the module.

Student Progress by Module

By clicking on a specific student name, further details can be seen regarding access and completion dates:

Student Progress by Module


Progress Icon Explanation

Each content item within a module and the module itself is classified by a progress circle icon that indicates the student progress.  The various circle icons are:

  • Empty when a student had not yet accessed the item
  • Partially filled when a student has opened the item
  • Green checkmark when the student has completed the item

Students can mark complete items like Documents, uploaded files, or links once they have opened them. For any other items like Assessments, Tests, Journals, or Discussions, the item will automatically be marked as complete when the student has submitted. When all items in a Folder or Module have been completed, the entire folder is automatically marked as complete.


Gradebook View of Student Progress

In Grid View from the Gradebook, click on name of a student to view their progress. Once the student record is open, click on Progress tab to review analytics pertaining to the student's access and engagement with course content:

Student Progress through Gradebook

You can see the progress that students mark for the following content types:

  • Ultra Documents
  • SCORM packages
  • Uploaded files
  • Links
  • Cloud documents
  • LTI content with no associated grade
  • Learning modules
  • Folders

The report allows you to select content and view:

  • Students who have not yet opened content
  • Students who have accessed content
  • Students who have marked the content as complete

The report includes the date and time an action occurred. You can sort by student name or progress status. You can act based on this information by sending an individual or bulk message. If you send a bulk message, each student receives an individual message.

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