CIS Video Studio Recording Guide


Now that you've booked the CIS Video Studio, there are a few things you should do to prepare for recording.

Before You Arrive:

  • Get familiar with the attached Studio Recording Guide
    • NOTE: Guide is posted in the maker space so no need to print.
  • Bring presentation materials on a USB drive or be prepared to download them from your U-Drive. (Onedrive is NOT recommended.)
  • Check out 6 Quick Tips for Looking Good on Camera
    • Practical considerations for presentation and delivery
  • Advanced Users: If using green screen, get familiar with the attached
    Green Screen Recording Guide
    • NOTE: Guide is posted in the maker space so no need to print.
  • There is a dedicated teleprompter app on the desktop that will allow you to copy and paste a script from a word document and read it back during recording.

During Recording:

Basic Recording Guide (7:57)

Green Screen Recording Guide (9:16)

Record, Edit, & Share a Teleprompted Green Screen Video (7:52)

Virtual Meetings Using the Green Screen (7:49)

  • Look straight ahead and teach to the camera's red light to help maintain eye contact with viewers. In the middle of the teleprompter is a little red light we've designed as a focal point for presenters. Looking at it will help your viewers feel like you're talking directly to them. 

  • Swipe to advance slides while presenting. Because the recording computer is also a touch-screen, you can swipe forward and back to advance your slideshow. 
    • Pro Tip: If you're familiar with PPT's transitions, using the 'Uncover' transition works really well to create the swiping effect. Powerpoint screen capture of the Uncover feature
  • If you make a mistake, DON'T STOP RECORDING. Just pause for a few seconds, take a breath, and start the slide again. Then afterward use Panopto's web-based editor to remove/edit the mistake. It's really easy and can be helpful for longer presentations. For shorter presentations, you may find it's just easier to do another take.  

After Recording:

  • Videos can only be viewed after they've been uploaded and processed on the Chipcast/Panopto server. In light of this, immediately after recording stops users are prompted to upload their video. Don't worry though, no one can see your video except you. After your video is uploaded and processed (this may take a few minutes) you'll receive an email with links to view, edit, and share your recording.

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