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If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


What is an Exemption?

There are times when instructors need to exempt students from assessments or activities in the course.  Consider a 500-level course that contains both undergraduate and graduate-level students.  Grad students often must complete an additional assignment in the course in order to earn graduate-level credit.   Instructors can provide an exemption to any student who does not need to complete an activity in the course.  Students can still view exempted items but are not expected to complete an exempted task. When exempted, a student’s overall calculation will adjust for them. The overall points possible or weighting for a student with exemptions may change compared to other students.

An Exemption differs from:

  • an Accommodation (approved accommodations provided to a student as deemed appropriate by Student Disability Services)
  • an Exception (allows a student to complete an assessment past the due date)
  • Release Conditions (releases the availability of content items to a student or a group of students)

Setting an Exemption

Instructors may exempt any Gradebook item in one of two ways:

  • From List View of the Gradebook, on the Gradable Items tab, click on the assessment in question, from the submission list view, select the 3-dot menu of a student and choose to add or edit the exemption.
    Setting Exemption from Assessment Submissions Page


  • Also from List View of the Gradebook, from the Students tab, click on the name of the student for whom an exemption is desired.  On the student's record, locate the assessment for which an exemption is desired, select the 3-dot menu of the item, and choose to add or edit the exemption.

Setting Exemption from Student Record Page


Regardless of the method used to get to the Exempt from Grading Panel, to exempt the student from the assessment, simply check the Exempt grade box, then save:

Exempt from Grading Screen

When exempting an item, the item will not be:

Students can still supply submissions for exempted items. Instructors can grade and provide feedback for these submissions.



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