Progress Tracking in Ultra


This article will assist users enable Progress Tracking and allow students to track their progress.


This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


What is Progress Tracking?

This functionality gives your students (and you) an easy way to keep track of what they have done in the course. Progress Tracking is enabled by default and is located in the Details & Actions menu.

Students are able to track their progress through the course with every content item or assessment displaying a circle icon indicating progress.

See Student Progress Report to learn more or watch this short Progress Tracking Overview and Explanation video [3m 51s]

Progress Icon Explanation

Each content item within a module and the module itself is classified by a progress circle icon that indicates the student progress.  When all content in a folder or module has been completed, the entire folder is automatically marked as complete.

Before a student has accessed content, the Progress icon is an empty circle:

Image of an unfilled circle next to journal content

After a student has accessed content, the Progress icon is a half-filled circle:

Image of a half-filled circle next to a named folder

If a student has marked content as complete, the Progress icon is a green checkmark:

Image of a green checkmark next to an assessment

progress tracking status


The circle’s appearance changes based on the student's progress:

  • Empty when an item hasn't been accessed yet
  • Partially filled when the item has been opened
  • Green checkmark when the item has been completed

Note - Opening an item that does not involve a submission will produce the partially filled icon.  The student must check the icon when they are done reviewing or studying the item to display the Green Checkmark.

Students can mark complete items like Documents, uploaded files, or links once they have opened them. For any other items like Assessments, Tests, Journals, or Discussions, the item will automatically be marked as complete upon submission of the work by the student. When all items in a Folder or Module have been completed, the entire folder is automatically marked as complete.

Learning Modules display a summary of progress to a student within a module. The progress bar tells the student how many items they've completed or started out of the module’s total. Completed items are in blue, started items are in black, and unopened items are in gray.

Students will select Start to go to the first item in the module. Select Continue to go to the next item in the module.

The progress indicator displays at the top level of the Learning Module and includes the total number of items in the Learning Module

Hovering over the progress bar tells the student how many items they have completed or started out of how many are released.

Student hovers over the progress bar for more details, showing items with different statuses

When all items in a folder or module are completed, the entire folder is automatically marked as complete.

NOTE:  When graded activities from a vendor-integrated tool have been added to the course (e.g. MindTap, Connect, MyLab, etc.), progress is also tracked once a student submits their work for this activity.  Once submitted, their progress status updates to "complete." 


The Student Progress tab

The Student Progress tab helps you track individual student progress in a course. You can see completed and uncompleted tasks for each student. You can access the tab by selecting Progress in a student’s overview.

Image of a student's Progress tab. There is a purple underline below Progress tab.

This tab includes only content visible to students by default. If a student can't access content because they don't meet release conditions yet, this is shown. You can change the tab to display all content. If you view with the "All" filter, content the student can't see is marked with a not visible icon. Content marked not visible either isn't viewable to students or it's hidden until students meet the release conditions.

See also Student Progress Report.



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