Offline Submissions & the Bb Gradebook

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Collecting submissions offline allows an instructor to create assessments in Blackboard that appear on the Course Content page but don't require students to upload submissions.

Collect Submissions Offline

Columns manually added to the Gradebook only appear in the Gradebook and on students' global and course grade pages. If desired, you can create assessments that appear on the Course Content page, but don't require students to upload submissions -- these are called Offline Submissions.  You can add instructions, files, a rubric, and goals so students can prepare for the offline work. You can also enable conversations, but you can't add questions or grade anonymously.  With a column manually added to the Gradebook, a rubric cannot be attached.  You can, however, attach a rubric to an Offline Submission.  Students can see the Offline Submission link created on the Content Tab but cannot submit work into it.

Examples of offline work:

  • Oral presentations
  • Science fair projects
  • Acting performances
  • Artwork delivered in person
  • Face-to-face team-building exercises, panel discussions, and debates
  • Virtual Class Meetings (to track participation and attendance)

Instructors who teach hybrid courses may find this type of assessment most useful. For example, you can use a rubric to grade an in-class presentation as a student presents. No need to take notes or add a score later.

When you create an assessment, you can choose to collect submissions offline. Students are informed they can't submit work online. If you create groups, students can view their group members.


For submissions collected offline, you can't allow multiple attempts, allow a time limit, or use SafeAssign.

You can add meetings to the attendance feature for grades that require students to be present outside of class. You may ask students to attend a field trip or guest speaker and then mark them present in attendance.

What Do Students See?

Students can view the assessment alongside other content on the Course Content page and on their global and course grades pages. Students are informed they can't submit work online. They can access other information, such as the instructions and a rubric if you added one. Students can participate in the assessment's conversations if enabled.

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