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This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Forms are questionnaires or surveys designed to collect information or gather student opinions. By default, forms are not graded; however, instructors may enable grading or delegate forms for extra credit. If a survey has been copied from a Blackboard Original course into an Ultra course, it will transfer over as a form, retaining all valid question types as listed below.

Creating a Form

1. Log into Blackboard Ultra and select your course of choice.

2. Hover your mouse on any of the grey horizontal lines in the course and select the plus icon.

3. Select the “Create” option to open a menu on the right side of your screen.

4. From this new right-hand menu, select “Form”.

5. Within the new window, click on the title and type alternative text to modify it.

6. Press the plus icon to add questions, text, or attached documents to your form. The following options are available in your form:

a. Question Types

i. Essay question

ii. Likert question

iii. Multiple Choice question

iiii. True/False question

b. Content Types:

i. Text

ii. Local file

iii. File from cloud storage

iiii. Additional Content

Note: While forms can be graded, individual question types cannot. See below for more information regarding grading forms.

Form Settings

1, To modify your form’s settings, select the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Here, you may make the following modifications:

a. Due date and time

b. Toggle enabling late submissions

c. Enable class conversations

d. Presentation options

i. Display one question at a time

ii. Prohibit backtracking

iii. Randomize questions and answers

iiii. Randomize pages (if the form is split into multiple pages)

e. Enable grading

i. Point total

ii. Allowed attempts

f. Assign to groups

g. Add a description

Note: If the form is set as a group project, one member's submission will count as an attempt for the entire group. If multiple members make submissions, they will be able to see each other's work.

Reviewing Results

To review form submissions all at once, you may download the results as an Excel or CSV file. See the steps below:

1. Once you have entered your Blackboard shell, select the “Gradebook” option from the top menu.

2. Enter the list view. This can be done through selecting the three-line icon above the Gradebook.

3. Navigate to your form in the Gradebook and select the three dots on the right side of the item. Click “Download Results”.

4. Within the newly opened menu, select the options based on your preferences. Click “Download” once you are ready.

Grading Forms and Enabling Extra Credit

If grading is enabled, the instructor must individually grade each submission. You may not select or assign a correct answer to each question, nor can you create individual grades for each question.

To create an extra credit form activity, ensure that the assignment is worth zero points. When grading submissions, you may then enter in the extra credit point total. Additionally, ensure that the students are aware that the form is an extra credit assignment through including this information in the title or description of the item.

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