Proctor Passcode Entry for Exams Using LDB/RM OR LDB/Proctoring

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Respondus Lockdown Browser, Proctored Exams, & Exam Passcodes

The instructor can choose whether to allow students a choice between using Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor to complete their online exam on their own computer OR completing the exam in-person with a CMU-approved proctor  Regardless of whether the test is completed on the student's computer with Respondus Monitor or if it is completed in-person with a proctor, Respondus Lockdown Browser is required.  

Within the Respondus Lockdown Browser Dashboard and under the Respondus Monitor section, in the Advanced Settings, the instructor can select to allow students the choice of also completing their exam in a proctored setting. When this is selected, the instructor must create a password to add to the settings AND communicate that password to the Certified Testing Center which oversees the approval of proctors and distribution of exam instructions, including test passcodes, to approved proctors.


Test Settings & Adding the Needed Exam Passcode

1. Go to the Blackboard shell and select to edit the test:


2. Click on the Gear icon to edit the test settings:



3. In the side panel that opens, click on the LockDown Browser Dashboard:


4. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the desired test, then on Settings from the menu provided:

5. Turn on Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor in the settings as shown below:


6. Under the Respondus Monitor section, open the Advanced Settings and check the box allowing the exam to be taken in a proctored lab setting.

Use the Password Generator Tool to create a secure password and enter that password into the Exam Password field.  Next, paste the password into an email you will send to CMU's Certified Test Center at  Be sure to include the following in your email to the Certified Testing Center:  Course Designator, Section #, Exam # or Title.

LDB-RM Exams with Proctoring Option


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