Formative Assessments

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Formative Assessment Overview

Formative assessment stands as a cornerstone in the teaching and learning landscape. Its essential role lies in informing and shaping instruction, guiding learning pathways, and supporting students' ongoing progress. Instructors can apply a formative label to assessments and, when selected, this label serves as an indicator and appears to instructors in the following areas:

• Course Content page - on assessments set as formative

• Test and Assignment settings

• Gradebook list and grid views

• Question Analysis table view of assessments

• Student Overview

• Student Activity Overview

Formative Assessment Settings

Displaying "Formative Assessment" Label to Students

Instructors may choose to display this label to students. This helps to inform students that an assessment is formative in its purpose. When displayed to students, the label appears in these areas:

• Course Content page - on assessments set as formative

• Assessment panel before starting an attempt

• Assessment Details & Information panel during and after an assessment

• Assessment header when viewing a submission • Gradebook

Formative Assessent View to Students

Filtering by Assessment Type in the Gradebook

In the Gradebook Grid View, instructors can filter assessments by formative or summative type. Formative assessments are those with the formative setting selected. Summative assessments are those that do not have the formative setting selected.

Filtering by Type of Assessment

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