The Activity Stream (Student View)

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


The activity stream updates students regarding recent happenings in each of their courses. Users may select any of these notifications to be taken to the course and graded item in question. You may also customize what items appear in the activity stream through editing your profile settings.

To access the activity stream, select the “Activity Stream” option from the left-hand menu upon logging into Blackboard Ultra.

Categories and Displayed Items

Activity Stream items are sorted into four categories as shown below. Generally, announcements, posted grades, uploaded course content (such as new readings or tests), and institution-wide messages will all appear in these areas.

Additionally, you will be recieve a notification in your activity stream in the case that you begin to fall behind in your course. Long periods of inactivity (i.e., not entering your course or submitting work) or a low overall grade can cause these notifications. Ensure that your monitor your activity stream to stay on top of missing or unopened work.

Important: Contains notifications about graded items such as assessments, assignments, graded discussions, and graded journals. Dismissing these items only removes them from the activity stream and not from the course.

Upcoming: View your top five items that will happen or be due in the next seven days. Upcoming lectures, assignments, tests, or other events will appear in this area.

Today: Everything that has happened within a 24-hour timespan will appear here. This area also includes announcements and institution-wide notifications and updates.

Recent: Stream items that were previously in the “Today” section will be moved here for seven days.


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