Accessing Blackboard Ultra (Student View)

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.

Logging Into Your Account

1. Click here to enter the Blackboard site. It may be beneficial to bookmark this page for future use.

2. Enter your Global ID and password. As a reminder, your Global ID will always be the first half of your CMU email address (

3. You may also need to verify your login information by using the Duo Mobile app on your personal device.

If you are unable to access your account after completing these steps, please contact CMU’s help desk at or (989)774-3662. You may also submit a support ticket on their website.

Locating Your Courses

After successfully logging in, you should see a list of your courses. Ensure that you have selected the “Courses” option from the tab on the left side of the screen.

Your view may be different depending on your settings. Using the squares next to the search bar, you can choose between a list view (left) and a grid view (right). Please note that this option is cosmetic and will not affect your ability to find and access your courses.

You may use the search bar to locate a specific class.

Lastly, you may use the filter to exclude courses that are not relevant to you. Below is a short summary of each filter option.

All Courses – Contains every course that you have ever been enrolled in regardless of class availability.

Courses I Teach – Any course where you are enrolled as an instructor will be listed under this option.

Courses I Support – Displays any course where you are listed as a Teaching Assistant.

Open Courses – Any course that is still accessible to students. Please note that this option will display any class that has not been made private by the instructor regardless of what semester it took place.

Private Courses – A private course been made inaccessible by the instructor. Please see below for more details about private and open courses.

Private vs. Open Courses

Private courses are inaccessible to students. This is usually done when the instructor is modifying their course or the class in question has concluded. Private courses are indicated by a lock icon as shown below.

Open courses are accessible to students. It is important to note that courses that you have enrolled in during a previous semester may still be viewable. Courses are only made private if decided by the instructor.

Lastly, you may bookmark specific courses by selecting the star icon in the corner of the specified tile. Selected courses will then have a purple star in the corner and appear at the top of your course list. This can be helpful for keeping tabs on a class that is not assigned to a semester or a course that you are instructing or acting as a Teaching Assistant.


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