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This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Math Symbols

Wherever you can add and format text in your course, you can launch the math editor to create mathematical formulas.  In the course's editor, select the Launch Math Editor icon to open the editor window. Click on the + icon then select Math:

Accessing the Math Editor

Math Editor Window

From the Math Editor, you have access to a rich set of features:
  • Basic operations
  • Matrix calculus
  • Calculus and series
  • Logic and set theory
  • Units
  • Greek alphabet
  • Table of elements

The Editor window is split into two main areas: at the top is a tabbed area containing various mathematical symbols and functions for creating formulas and beneath that is an area where the cursor is displayed and where the formula will appear as it is created. From left to right, the tabbed areas include: General, Symbols, Arrows, Greek & Letters, Matrices, Scripts and layout, Decorations, Big Operators, and Calculus and Contextual.


  • Shortcuts include:
    • Superscript: CTRL + ↑ up arrow
    • Subscript: CTRL + ↓ down arrow
    • Bold: CTRL + B
    • Italics: CTRL + I
  • The font can be RegularBoldItalic, or Bold+Italic. The default font is AutoItalic, which means the editor recognizes the type of the symbols and changes the font accordingly

When you are done, click on Accept to save changes, or click on Cancel to exit without saving.

Accessibility Features

The accessibility features of the WIRIS editor make mathematics available to all users. The WIRIS editor takes advantage of the accessibility features in web browsers. Users don't have to install additional software to deliver content with accessible formulas.
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