Student View of a Test

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


What Do Students See on a Test?

Untimed Tests

If no time limit exists, students can view a test and they don't have to submit it. When students select View Assessment, they can just view the test or add some work. Students can select Save and Close in the panel and return later. Their work is saved. Students can select View Assessment to resume working or Submit when they've finished.

Students can take a test by clicking on this icon.


Timed Tests

If a time limit is added to a test, students see Start Attempt instead of View Assessment. 

The time limit appears alongside other test details on the Course Content page. Students also see the time limit on the test's Details & Information panel and within the test as they work.

Students can see a test's time limit and the time remaining for the test to end.

When students select Start Attempt, they receive a pop-up window. They must start the timer before they can access the test. If they're not ready to start, they can select Cancel. After they start, the test auto-submits when time is up.

If students are allowed to submit multiple attempts, the time limit applies to each attempt.

Start the timer pop-up window with options to cancel timer or start timer.


Tests and the Activity Stream

When a test is created and made visible to students, they are notified in their Activity Stream on the Bb homepage.

Test notification in a student's activity stream.

After test grades are posted, students can select View Your Grade to display their grades. Any feedback you provide appears after the test title.


Instructors receive an alert in their Activity Stream when there are new submissions to grade. Select the test title to begin grading on the test submissions page.

A submitted test is ready for grading in the activity stream.

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