Self-Enrollment Group Creation

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.



If desired, you can provide the option for students to self-enroll in a group.  Once the groups have been set up, complete with an Enrollment Period identified, students receive a course announcement and an Activity Stream notification about groups they need to join. Within the course, students see Join a Group and New in the Details & Actions panel on the Course Content page. 

Image showing Activity Stream notification to students to join a self-enroll group.

Self-Enroll Group Activity Stream Notification to Join to Students

Self-Enroll Group Settings

Note: The Group Set must be visible to students before the Self-enrollment option is available.

Once a Self-Enroll Group has been created, use the Advance Options to configure the group as desired.  When Creating a Self-Enroll group, you must create at least (2) self-enrollment course groups.

Select the purple plus sign to add another group. You can add and delete groups even after students have started to join. If a group that students have already joined is deleted, they are moved to the unassigned list. You'll need to notify them to join one of the remaining groups or add them to a group.

Advanced Options

Select the arrow next to Advanced options to open additional settings.

  1. If desired, an Enrollment Start and End Date can be added. An enrollment period provides a time frame by which students must select a group to join.  If an enrollment period is added, any unassigned students are automatically enrolled into a group when the period ends.
  2. The Maximum Number of members per group can be adjusted from the default value of 3. If you add or delete groups, the maximum number does not update.

    Be sure enough groups are created to accommodate everyone in the class.  If you lower the maximum number too low, some students will not be able to enroll in a group and additional groups will need to be created.

    To allow unlimited members per group, leave blank. Students see the maximum number allowed when they make their group selections. If you allow an unlimited number per group, students see the total number of students in the class.

  3. Select the Hide Enrolled Members checkbox if you don't want students to see who's already joined a group.

Self-Enroll Group Advanced Options


Adding Students to Self-Enroll Group

Click the purple plus icon to add groups.  If desired, edit each group name to change from the default and to personalize.  Optional group descriptions can be added to help students choose a group. You have no limit on the number of characters.

With this type of group, students are to self-select which group they wish to be in.  For any student who doesn't enroll themselves into a group, and if Enrollment Start/End Dates are used, unassigned students are automatically enrolled into a group when the period ends by the system.  If desired, the instructor can manually add a student to a group by click the 3 dots by their name > click the desired group:

Adding a Student to a Group

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