Course Messages in Ultra

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Course Messages Overview

Messages can be sent by the instructor to the entire class, groups of students, or select individuals in the course.  Messages can only be sent by the instructor, students cannot compose or send messages.  Messages are sent to the user's CMU email, are housed on the Messages tab within the course, and are also accessed on the Messages tab on the Bb homepage. 

Watch Course Messages to learn more about creating and sending messages.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Messages reside within the course.  By default, Messages are also sent to the user's CMU email, but messages sent to email cannot be replied to.

You don't need to add a link to course messages. The Messages icon is always part of course navigation in the Ultra Course View.

See also Send Messages to Students from the Gradebook

Send Message to Student from Student Overview Screen

Read-Only Course Messages for Students

Students are not able to reply to or create messages in their courses. Only the student role has these restrictions. You can't turn this setting on or off in your individual course.  Students can only read the messages other roles send, such as instructors and teaching assistants. Students also won't be able to forward messages they receive.

Student Workflow

Students receive a notification in their email inbox that a new message has been sent.  They can click Read Message to view the message or it can be accessed from either the Bb homepage, Messages tab, or from within the Messages tab in the course.

receive a notification in their email inbox that 


When students view an individual Ultra course message, they see a message in the Reply box that states: Replying is disabled for this message.

Unread Message Notifications

An identifiable number count highlights any new messages received.  From the Messages tab in a course a new message indicator appears.  Messages are sorted with the newest messages at the top, and unread messages are clearly indicated.

Messages tabs in a course – messages are sorted with the newest messages at the top, and unread messages are clearly indicated; a new message indicator also appears on the Messages tab


From the Bb Homepage, Messages tab, a red number count changes to a red pill icon to reduce distraction. When you navigate away from this page, the system shows again the unread message count.

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