Wireless: Guest WIFI access

Connecting to CMICH-GUEST

The CMICH-GUEST network is for people visiting campus. If you are a current student, faculty, or staff member, you should connect to the CMICH network. The CMICH-GUEST network has a few limitations that do not apply to the other networks:

  • Lower security to increase compatibility
  • 10Mb / sec speed cap to limit bandwidth impact to primary networks


NOTE: This is 10 megabits per second. This equates to a roughly 1.125 megabytes per second download speed maximum.


To connect to CMICH-GUEST, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect to CMICH-GUEST in the device's network settings
  2. Your device web browser should automatically redirect to a Guest Registration page below

  1. If not redirected, try to browse to a website. If you are still not redirected, browse to https://it.cmich.edu/reg to call up the registration page
  2. From this point, there are two separate access modes for the CMICH-GUEST network as detailed below


Authenticated Guest Access

Authenticated guests have full network access, rather than receiving internet access only through a web browser (ports 80 and 443). The 10Mb / s cap still applies.

  1. Picking up from the previous section, complete the Guest Registration page
  2. Read and accept the terms of use and click Register
  3. You will be presented with a landing screen while you wait to receive your login information via text message

  1. Once you receive your login information, click Click here shown on the Registration Page above
  2. Enter your login details
  3. Read and accept terms of use and click Login

  1. Guests device will be directed to the CMU website upon successful login and internet access


NOTE: Guests can repeat the steps if the account expires after 48 hours for authenticated guests.


If you run into any difficulties with getting connected to the CMICH-GUEST network, please contact the Help Desk at 989-774-3662 for assistance with troubleshooting and getting your device connected.


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