CIS Podcast Studio Recording Guide


The CIS Podcast Studio, located in Park 413R, accomodates up to 4 guests and offers broadcast quality mics, headphones, and sound effects mixer making it easy to deliver engaging conversations and interviews. It also enables the easy recording and playback of custom podcast introductions with voice-over and music to build consistency around your podcast. 

Reserving the Podcast Studio

The space is available M-F, 8am-5pm and can be reserved by inviting to any outlook calendar event. If the space is available it will autobook and in your reservation confirmation email you'll find a link to instructions to help you be well prepared for your visit. (Go to for a step-by-step reservation guide).


Video Guide: How-to Record, Edit, and Share a Podcast using the CIS Podcast Studio (9:32)

This article will go over the steps needed to record, edit, share, and download your podcast session.
1. Setup and Recording

1.1. Press the touch panel on the desk to power on the TV, then login to the PC with your Global ID.

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1.2. Power on the audio mixer by pressing the RED button on the back right of the board. 

1.3. Launch the Panopto recording app located on the PC desktop.


1.4. Name your video accordingly and select the folder you would like it to go into ('My Folder' is recommended).

1.5. Put on the headphones and position yourself in front of the microphone.


1.6. Adjust the microphone faders as needed.


1.7. Adjust the headphone levels as needed. 

1.8. Press the record button within the Panopto app to begin recording.


1.9. Press the stop button when you are finished. The Panopto recording will automatically upload to the folder you selected in step 1.4. 


2. PROTIP: How to Record Intro Music onto SMART Pads
The in-room audio mixer has the ability to record and playback custom introductions for your podcast. Watch the following video guide or follow the steps below to learn how.

Video Guide: Record a Custom Podcast Intro w/ Voice-over and Music (3:49)


The smart pads are physical pads located on the front of the Rodecaster Pro Audio Interface. Press a pad to play a recorded music or audio track. Please note: for your convenience, we have pre-selected 8 music tracks and loaded them onto the smart pads.


2.1. To record a new sound or music track onto a smart pad, press the settings icon (the screen is a touch screen).

2.2. Next, press the "SMART Pads" icon. 

2.3. Next, toggle to a new page that has empty smart pads by pressing the arrow.

2.4. Select one of the empty Smart Pads.

2.5. Select the icon labeled "Sound". 

2.6. Queue up a music or audio track from the computer, or you may record with one of the micrphones if you wish to create a pre-recorded message. Press the red record button and then play audio from the computer or talk into the microphone. You can edit out any unwanted noise or silence once you are done recording.

2.7. Press the stop button.

2.8. Edit out any unwanted silence or noise and then click the green check mark. Your audio or music track is now saved onto the Smart Pad. Press the smart pad to play your recorded audio.



3. How to Edit Your Recording

3.1. Go to and select 'Sign in' in the top right corner of the browser. 


3.2. Select 'CMICH' and sign in with your CMU Global ID. 

3.3. Click on the tab labeled 'My Folder' on the left side of the browser. 


3.4. Find your recording and select 'Edit'. 


3.5. Click and drag across the timeline on the bottom of the screen to cut out any unwanted parts of your recording. It is important to note that you can always bring that part back if you decide you want it later. 


3.6. Once you are done making any edits, select 'Apply' on the top right of the screen. The video may need a few minutes to process the new edits you made. 


4. How to Download Your Recording

4.1. Navigate back to your personal folder labeled 'My Folder' and find the video you wish to download. Click on 'Settings'. 


4.2. Select the 'Outputs' tab.


4.3. Click on 'Download Audio Podcast'. You will now have an .mp4 located in the downloads folder on your computer. 


NOTE: To enable others (non-creators) to download Podcasts refer Here.

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