Central Alert: Updating or Removing Contact Information, Guest Access, Guardian App, and Other Information

Phone numbers, text message (SMS) numbers, and email addresses can be added to CMU's Central Alert emergency notification system by current students and employees. Additionally, guests that are not formally affiliated with CMU, like visitors to campus or contractors working on campus, may elect to opt-in via text (SMS) to receive alerts. In the event of an emergency or crisis at CMU, voice, text, and email messages will be sent to all user-provided contact numbers and addresses.


Further information on emergency preparedness at CMU can be found at http://www.cmich.edu/emergencyprep/

The Central Alert emergency notification system is powered by Rave Mobile Safety.


Summer 2020 System Changes

Over the course of the summer 2020 months, the Central Alert emergency notification system was updated to take advantage of new features. Some important changes include:

  • Contact information is now managed at cmich.edu/centralalert instead of myaccount.cmich.edu
  • Students, staff, and faculty have more direct control over their emergency notification system points of contact
  • Notifications will now be sent to cmich.edu email addresses by default
  • Campus guests / visitors now have the option to opt-in to receive emergency notifications (with the ability to opt-out at any time)
  • Weather alerts specific to the Mt. Pleasant (CMU campus) area from the National Weather Service can now be sent through the Central Alert system. Severe alerts will be sent to all Central Alert members by default, other alerts are available for an optional subscription
  • A companion mobile app (Rave Guardian) is now available that will receive alerts, provide additional safety options and methods of contact to CMU Police, and provide important contact information and / or web resources for campus and local safety resources


Student, Faculty, and Staff Auto-Enrollment Information

Current students are automatically enrolled in Central Alert using the phone number they provided in their initial application form to CMU. Generally, this number is populated in Central Alert as the student's Mobile Phone Number but can be updated with a new number on the cmich.edu/centralalert site.

Current faculty and staff employees are automatically enrolled in Central Alert using the phone number provided in the Permanent Address Information section of the Address Change form. Generally, this number is populated in Central Alert as the employee's Voice Only Contact but can be updated with a new number on the cmich.edu/centralalert site.

All current students, faculty, and staff will receive Central Alert notifications in their CMU (@cmich.edu) email accounts by default.


Adding, Updating, or Removing Contact Information on cmich.edu/centralalert

  1. To ensure your Central Alert contact information is accurate, visit https://cmich.edu/centralalert. Access to the site requires a valid Global ID and password
  2. Emergency notification points of contact can be Added, Edited, or Deleted:
    • Mobile Phones: Up to three mobile phone numbers can be added per user. By default, each mobile phone entry has the option for Voice Message Delivery enabled, but this can be disabled to allow for text (SMS) only notifications
    • Voice Only Line Contacts: Up to three landline phone numbers can be added per user
    • Email:
      • Registration email: The cmich.edu email address associated with the account. This cannot be modified or disabled
      • Preferred email: Up to three external email account addresses can be added per user
  3. To opt-out of notifications, click the red X icon next to each point of contact to be deleted. The one exception is the registration email/cmich.edu email address, which cannot be modified or disabled


Guardian Companion Mobile App

A mobile app is available with additional safety features that compliment Central Alert emergency notification messaging. Search for Rave Guardian in the App Store (iOS devices) or the Play Store (Android devices). These features include:

  • Chat: Initiate a live chat with CMU safety officials, providing them with your current location and ability to share photos relevant to a safety-related concern
  • Emergency Call: Initiate an emergency call to CMU Police
  • Non-Emergency Call: Initiate a call to CMU Police for non-emergency related issues
  • Notification Inbox: Review previous alert notifications sent through Central Alert
  • Safety Timers: Allows you to specify a contact from your phone as an emergency contact, sends them a notification when you start the timer and sends a notification if you do not check back in with them before the timer expires
  • Call Directory: Directory of phone numbers for on-campus and local safety resources
  • Content Directory: Directory of CMU websites featuring campus maps, CMU Police, and Parking Services


For the best results, it is strongly recommended that you allow the Guardian app to access your device location. This is required to maximize the usefulness of the safety features available


Weather Alerts

Central Alert is configured to automatically deliver select alerts issued by the National Weather Service for the CMU main campus location (Mt. Pleasant, Isabella County MI, 026073 SAME code).

Weather alerts are configured to be delivered by text (SMS) and email only.

  • Subscribed by default (due to the possible threat these pose to the campus community, you cannot unsubscribe from these weather alerts, but you can adjust your overall notification preferences):
    • Flash Flood Warning
    • Tornado Warning
  • Optional (Opt-in) weather alert subscriptions include Dense Fog Advisory, Wind Chill Warning, and Winter Weather Advisory, to provide some examples. The full list is available at cmich.edu/centralalert, under the Opt-in Lists tab. Simply check (or uncheck) the option next to each alert to subscribe (or unsubscribe)


Guest Access

Parents, visiting students, admissions tour groups, contractors and construction employees as well as other guests to campus may elect to opt-in to the system to receive Central Alert notifications when visiting or working on campus.

  • Long-term guest access: text cmichalert to 67283
    (Access will expire automatically 180 days after opt-in)

Texting STOP to any of the SMS shortcodes will cancel all alerts immediately.

Central Alert SMS shortcodes:

  • 226787
  • 67283
  • 78015
  • 77295


Important Notes

  • To maximize the effectiveness of the system and ensure timely notification, it is strongly recommended that students only put their own contact information
  • Central Alert text (SMS) messages and notifications may be sent from any of the following shortcodes: 226787, 67283, 78015, 77295, and 22911
  • Central Alert will not allow the same phone number to be entered multiple times. For instance, you cannot enter the same number in as both a Mobile Phone contact AND Voice Only contact
  • Changes made to contact information on the cmich.edu/centralalert site are effective immediately. However, changes made to Permanent Address Information by employees may take up to a day before the updated information is recognized and available to use by Central Alert
  • If access to the cmich.edu/centralalert site is no longer available, a request must be made using the Central Alert Emergency Notification form to remove information from the system. Contact the Help Desk if you need further assistance


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the system work?

In the event of an emergency, a notification message will be sent to each point of contact listed.


Are all fields required?

No. You may choose to include information for all listed contact methods, or only one.


How long before changes to my contact information become active?

Changes to your emergency contact information are effective immediately as long as the information is updated at the cmich.edu/centralalert site.


What happens if my contact information is invalid?

Invalid contact information in any field will result in that data being rejected. Unfortunately, due to the bulk nature of how these records are processed, there is not a way to give you direct feedback on incorrect contact information. It is very important that you make sure all contact information is valid and that no international numbers are listed in the phone number fields.


I did not receive an alert I expected, or I have another issue to report, what should I do?

Submit a ticket to the Help Desk for investigation and further assistance.


How can I remove myself from the emergency notification system?

Go to cmich.edu/centralalert and delete each individual point of contact listed. Important! By removing yourself from the emergency notification system, your CMU (cmich.edu) email address will become the default method to notify you in the event of an emergency or crisis.


What happens when I graduate, stop taking classes, or stop working at CMU? Is there a way to continue to receive alert notifications?

Students are removed from Central Alert after the conclusion of their last registered course. Faculty and staff employees are removed shortly after their last date of employment. Unfortunately, indefinite continued access to the Central Alert system after separation from CMU is not possible for a variety reasons. However, temporary access is still available to those that wish to opt-in as guests.

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