Creating Weighted Calculations


This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.

About Weighted Calculations

A weighted calculation generates a grade based on the result of selected graded items, categories, other calculations, and their respective percentages. You can use normal arithmetic operations to create the weighting you need.

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Creating a Weighted Calculation

For example, if you have four tests and one final test, you can weight each for a "Weighted Tests" calculation.

Select tests individually from the Variable menu and select Value to add the percentage for each test, such as .15. Add the operators needed such as Multiply and Add.

Basic formula:

Test 1 x .15 + Test 2 x .15 + Test 3 x .15 + Test 4 x .15 + Final Exam x .40

You can include parentheses in this example if you want:

(Test 1 x .15) + (Test 2 x .15) + (Test 3 x .15) + (Test 4 x .15) + (Final Exam x .40)

The calculation is valid either way and produces the same result.

Gradebook weighted calculation example


In the Gradebook, List View, select the calculation to view each student's calculated grade or access the student grid view and navigate to the column.

Example of weighted tests




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