CIS Media: Project Tiers


Projects are classified into three categories as outlined below:

Tier One: On Campus, Academic

This tier reflects the primary role of this department, offering direct support to CMU faculty to further teaching and learning. Priority is given to credit producing activities. This work is typically done without charge to academic departments. Charges may be incurred for additional copies beyond initial deliverable. Other charges may include expenses such as travel, special-order materials or additional human resources. Factors considered in Tier One project approval: Number of Students impacted, Number of Faculty impacted, Re-usability of a learning object, Availability via University Repository, Estimated "shelf-life," Do alternatives already exist, and at what cost? Time Required, and Completion Date, Required Outcomes of past projects.

Tier Two: On Campus, Non-Academic

This tier is intended for non-academic University accounts or Federally funded grant projects. This department makes its resources available to the larger University community on an "as- available" basis. These are billed at a standard hourly rate and materials charges. If your project is classified as tier 2, a valid CMU account number must be entered upon request  submission. Factors considered in Tier Two project approval: Time required, and availability of department resources, Benefit to University and consistency with its goals, Advancement of  department resources and skill sets.

Tier Three: Non CMU

This tier is for non-CMU clients or externally funded (non-Federal) projects. Charges are billed consistent with prevailing market rates for similar services. Considerations for acceptance of these are the same as Tier 2.

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