Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network

General Information

Wireless access is provided by the Office of Information Technology to allow for seamless roaming for mobile users across campus. Use of the wireless network requires logon using your Global ID and Password, and is subject to the terms of the Responsible Use of Computing policy, the Network Registration process, and Network Bandwidth Quota System.

The Cmich GOLD SSID 
is the preferred way to connect to the CMU wireless network. Cmich GOLD offers better wireless security and requires WPA2 encryption. Cmich GOLD will require manual configuration once detected.

The SSID for the general wireless access is cmich_open. Due to the lack of direct encryption this SSID should not be used for sensitive information. To connect to cmich_open, just launch a web browser and you will be automatically redirected the login screen.

All devices must be registered on the network to access the internet once connected to one of the CMU wireless networks. When a device is first connected to the network, its web browser should redirect to the Network Registration site. However, if this does not occur as expected, or to register devices that lack a web browser, devices can be registered at the reg.cmich.edu site.


All current faculty and staff as well as students currently enrolled in courses are eligible to connect to both the Cmich GOLD and cmich_open wireless networks. Alumni and guests may only connect to cmich_open.


There is currently no charge for this service.

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