Other Media Production Support

General Information

​In addition to other media production services offered, the Creative Media Production team within the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support (CIS) provides some specialized services and support.

CIS facility support

The Creative Media Production provides on-site support to help faculty, staff, and students produce epic content, or to collaborate in meetings or on projects in these locations:

  • Park 411 Video Maker Space
  • Park 413D Classroom
  • Park 413G Audio Maker Space
  • Park 413I.1 Lightboard Maker Space
  • ...and other spaces available in or near the CIS production studio offices!


Media duplication and conversion

​Have content on VHS, Audio Cassette, CD or DVD and need to get into Blackboard? The Creative Media Production team can transfer almost any legacy media format (as well as .mp4, .avi, .wmv or .mov files) quickly and easily and help you place it in Blackboard for your students.


Shared video archive

The Creative Media Production team manages a centralized video sharing service that allows departments to search, store, share, and backup their video projects and assets. Share instantly across campus or across the room and tap into the growing library of CMU stock footage created by University Communications, Athletics, and the CIS​.


All current faculty, staff, and students.


  • CIS facility support: potential charges may apply and vary on a room-to-room and/or use-by-use basis.
  • Media duplication and conversion: pricing varies by requesting audience, request type, media type, and number of copies requested. All duplication services require payment upon completion, or the submission of a valid CMU account number.
    • 1-10 copies = $4.00/disc
    • 11-30 copies = $3.00/disc
    • 31-50 copies = $2.50/disc
    • 51-100 copies = $2.00/disc
    • 101-150 copies = $1.75/disc

      Note: Optical media comes packaged in paper sleeves; additional packaging options available upon request.
  • Shared video archive: annual costs associated with this service and pricing varies by how much storage your team needs.

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