Virtual Lab Software Request

General Information

Virtual Lab is a virtual desktop that allows access to specialized software, your UDrive, and printing through the PrintQ service from anywhere. Faculty can request the addition of software to the Virtual Lab image at any time. Software updates to the environment will be performed between semesters (December, May, August) with all software not on the base install list (below) removed in August unless the request is renewed. All software requests must be renewed annually prior to the August 1st to ensure availability for the fall semester.



All current faculty, staff, and students may access the Virtual Lab. All faculty may request software additions to Virtual Lab. The software MUST be site licensed for all of CMU to be included in Virtual Lab. Software with limited user licensing will NOT be installed in this environment and should be installed locally.



There is currently no charge for this service.



Current software packages installed in the Virtual Lab include:

  • Adobe Reader DC
  • Chrome
  • Eclipse/JDK
  • Firefox
  • IBM SPSS v.26
  • JMP v.14
  • Office 2019
  • Minitab 19
  • MySQL Workbench 8
  • NVivo v.12
  • Papercut NG Client
  • R 3.6
  • RStudio 1.2
  • SAP Front End
  • SAS
  • VLC


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