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The Healthcare IT team facilitates large-format poster printing for faculty and staff representing the College of Medicine and the College of Health Professions. Common file types printed include Microsoft PowerPoint and Publisher files, PDF’s, and a wide variety of image files (.jpg, .png, etc.). Files must be submitted in full-sized, finalized form. Please carefully proof-read all submissions, to protect against re-prints. The Healthcare IT team does not proof-read poster submissions, but we will check to ensure the poster prints properly given the dimensions provided. 

Though a poster takes only about 20-30 minutes to print, we officially require three business days of lead time for all large-format printing and reserve the right to reject jobs that do not adhere to this time frame. All posters are printed in a “first-come-first-served” manner. (In the final 30 days of each semester, because of dramatically increased printing volume, we can only guarantee that posters provided a WEEK IN ADVANCE will be printed by the date required.) 

Please note: Due to the limitations of our printer, ONE DIMENSION (whether width or height) of every poster must be 44” or less. There is no limit on the other dimension. For example, we can print a poster sized 36”x56” but CANNOT print a poster sized 48”x56”. Additionally, our printer does not trim excess white space form posters. Any such required trimming is the responsibility of the requester. 

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Large-format poster printing is available free of charge for all faculty and students normally served by the Healthcare IT service group whose particular printing project contributes directly to CMU-related classroom and/or research endeavors. Printing projects of a personal nature, or on behalf of entities or events independent of Central Michigan University will be directed to other University and/or local print shops.


No charge for faculty and students within the College of Medicine, College of Health Professions, or those directly served by OIT's Healthcare IT unit.

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