Lecture Capture using Chipcast/Panopto

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​The Creative Media Production team within the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support (CIS) has the ability to capture all types of lecture content and deliver it digitally to your students. Your webcam, computer screen, and your voice can all be recorded to create a re-usable lecture for your students to access. We offer individual training, departmental workshops, as well a just-in-time support for faculty, staff, and students looking to integrate the Chipcast/Panopto lecture capture system into their course. Automated recording is also available for your classroom if you’d like to have your face-to-face classes recorded for students to review lecture material outside of class time.

Instructions and downloads are available on the Chipcast support and Documentation site. Content may be accessed at chipcast.cmich.edu.


All current faculty, staff, and students.


In some cases additional equipment may be required to purchase, in order to accommodate lecture capture capabilities, but may mediated rooms on campus are already properly equipped and many modern laptops have built-in webcams and recording microphones.

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