Network Guest Self-Registration Account

General Information

All devices on the CMU network must be registered to their owners.  Guests may obtain network access by providing the necessary information utilizing the Guest Self Registration Form, available through the easy-to-remember CMU Network Registration site, Generally, this site will open automatically when guests connect to the network and open their device browser.

Please note the following regarding self-registration passes:

  • Devices are placed on a restricted network that can only access HTTP, HTTPS, and IPSEC VPN resources
  • Credentials cannot be used to authenticate against CMU resources that require Active Directory authentication
  • Guests must connect to the cmich_open wireless SSID
  • Credentials can be used to register multiple devices
  • Credentials and all associated devices are valid for 48 hours
  • If elevated access or a longer duration is required, please contact the CMU Help Desk at 989.774.3662
  • Credentials will be sent via e-mail AND SMS text


All users, including members of the general public.


There is currently no charge for this service.

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