Forms in Blackboard Ultra (Student View)



Forms are questionnaires or surveys designed to collect information or gather student opinions. They do not contain correct answers. By default, forms are not graded; however, instructors may enable grading or delegate forms for extra credit. Forms may contain the following question types:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True or False
  • Essay/written response
  • Likert scale questions
    • (i.e., on a scale of 1-5, rate your experience in this course)

Participating in a Form

Answering questions within a form is identical to answering test questions. Instructors may even provide feedback.

Information regarding whether the form is graded, allows late work, number of attempts, or is a group response can be found by clicking on the form link and reviewing the menu on the right-hand side of the screen. Below is an example of a form that is not graded, allows one attempt, and does not allow for late work. Please note that if the form is a group project, one member of the team may submit an attempt on behalf of the team.



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