Blackboard Assist (Student View)



Blackboard Assist appears in the base navigation menu and provides links to campus resources and software. The two default featured services are links to CentralLink and Outlook. Selecting the “Try it Out” button will direct you to the desktop or browser versions of these items.

Below these options are several campus resources to assist you. Selecting any of these items will direct you to the main website for the related department. All resources relate to health and wellness, campus life, or academic and career readiness.

To customize which items appear in this area, select the “manage services” option in the top-right corner of the page.

Here, you may select if items are hidden, visible, or featured. Featured items will be more prominent, appearing at the top of the list. Hidden items will not be visible to the user.

Editing and Adding Your Own Resources

In the “Manage Services” menu, you may edit, add, and delete resources from the list. To edit or delete a service, select the three dots next to your desired link.

Selecting the “Edit” option opens a new menu where you may modify the URL, Description, Category, image, and title.

Once finished with your edits, select the “Save” button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Selecting the “Add Service” option to bring up the same menu. This time, selecting the “Save” option will add new content to your Blackboard Ultra Assist Menu.



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