Modules and Progress Tracking in Blackboard Ultra (Student View)



A module is a set of course content items that are organized in a sequence. The materials housed in a module can consist of readings, assignments, tests, and other items that a centered around a specific theme or timespan in your course. For example, all items associated with a specific week may be housed in one module.


Modules will appear as follows in the course content section. Photos and descriptions may not always be attached to modules, slightly changing their appearance. Below is an example of how modules may appear in your course.

Sometimes, the module may be set to a “forced sequence” progression option. This means that students may not progress to the next content area until they have completed the items before it. Forced sequences are indicated by a small lock icon.

While viewing content within a module, students may select the option in the top-right corner to move onto the next item.

At any point, you may decide to revisit older sections of the module using this same arrow function or selecting from the module list.

Completion Status

A module’s completion status is indicated in the box in the bottom left area of the module area. 

When a user has not yet opened the content within a module, it will appear as shown below: 

A module that has been started but not completed will appear as shown below. Additionally, Ultra displays the user's progress and total number of items within a module. Materials that the user has opened or completed will be indicated by a green check mark. You may select the "Continue" option to resume your place in the module. If the instructor adds or modifies content within a module, the progress bar will update accordingly.

Completed modules are indicated by a green check mark.

Note - Opening an item that does not involve a submission will produce the partially filled icon.  The student must check the icon when they are done reviewing or studying the item to display the Green Checkmark.





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