Academic Standing & the Gradebook Set Up



NOTE:  Each instructor will set up the Gradebook in their course according to how they manage their classroom, complete grading, and/or department policy.  This article explains default settings in the Gradebook, which the instructor may alter.  Refer to your course syllabus and instructor for specific details on how grading is completed in each course.


Overall Grade & Running Total

The Overall Grade is a column in the Bb Gradebook that communicates to students what their current, overall score is in the course.  It is calculated by the quotient of points earned thus far in the class divided by total graded points available. This calculation is a Running Total, meaning grade columns not yet attempted are ignored when calculating the total or overall grade for the course.  

To provide greater clarity to students, dynamic text explains the instructor's calculation choice. Students can see the Overall Grade and calculation details from the information icon in their Gradebook. The student may also select the Overall Grade pill to see calculation details.

Image:  Student View - Information Icon next to current course grade

Student View - Information Icon on Overall Grade Calculation

Image: Student view of dynamic text to explain the Overall Grade calculation options accessed via the information icon.

Student view of dynamic text to explain the Overall Grade calculation options


Image: Overall Grade Details Side Panel (accessed by clicking overall grade pill)

Student View - Overall Grade Details Side Panel

Automatic Zeros

Automatic Zeros is a score of '0' awarded to a student who did not submit work for the graded activity and provides the instructor and student with a more realistic calculation on the student's standing in the course and total grade earned thus far.  An Automatic Zero is automatically assigned to a student once a due date has passed.  When a student submits after the due date, the automatic zero is removed. A late label appears with the submission date and time

Students and groups can still submit work after an automatic zero is assigned and instructors can grade as normal.   

The Automatic Zero setting applies to these assessment types when due dates have been added to the graded activity:

  • Assignments and group assignments
  • Tests and group tests
  • Graded individual and group discussions

In the Gradebook, an Automatic Zero is displayed in the following manner:

Student View of Automatic Zero in the Gradebook


Hovering your mouse over the red information icon next to the red grade pill, show this message:

Student View - Red Exclamation Point Explanation


Clicking on the red grade pill opens the Grading Details side panel to view additional details:

Student View - Past Due Item Details in Side Panel






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