Overriding the Overall Grade in the Ultra Gradebook


Setting the overall grade center in Blackboard Ultra.


This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Overall Grade Column Overview

The Overall Grade is a calculated item that you build to show students a running tally of all the items that you grade and post.To use, the Overall Grade column must first be set up in a course. See Overall Grade Column - Explanation and Set Up

NOTE:  To be included in the Overall Grade, graded activities must be in a category. See Create and Manage Gradebook Categories.

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Override the Overall Grade

You can override a student's overall grade if their performance or participation doesn't fit the course's grade schema.

Selected grade cell in Overall grade column in the gradebook that can be manually changed to reflect student performance. Incomplete and withdrawal options are available, too.

To override a grade, select the grade cell in a student's Overall Grade column. Type a new value or select an option. You can override the grade with a grade notation. An override is useful if a student can't complete the course or otherwise doesn't meet the requirements for completion. Grade notations can include IncompleteWithdrawal, and so on. 

If you want to remove an override, select the student's overall grade cell, and select Undo Override. The student's overall grade reverts back to the calculation you set up for your course.



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