Microsoft Teams: Integrating into Your Bb Course


Microsoft (MS) Teams can be accessed directly from within Blackboard course. The course must first be Synchronized with MS Teams. This article will assist an instructor with the Synchronization and Activation Process.


Microsoft Teams Overview

The Microsoft Teams integration allows you to bring the full capabilities of Microsoft Teams into your Bb course shell to include real-time conversations, video meetings, or asynchronous interactions. You can add file sharing and co-creation experiences for your students. All in one place. Microsoft Teams with Blackboard redefines the dynamics of teaching and what effective learning means. This integration streamlines the process of creating meeting sessions and setting them up as Microsoft Teams chats. The open access links to the session created by Microsoft Teams are added to the course calendar as entries.

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NOTE:  There is a known issue with Firefox that MS Teams may not appear in the Details & Actions menu when using Firefox.  It is recommended to use Chrome for integrating Teams into your Ultra course shell.

Activating Microsoft Teams to Your Course

Once Microsoft (MS) Teams is activated it can then be accessed directly from Blackboard.  The steps below will assist an instructor with the Synchronization and Activation Process.

Synchronizing and Activating MS Teams

1. Select Enable Microsoft Teams at the bottom of the Details & Actions Menu.


2. Select the Sync with Microsoft Teams Button as shown below.  Note:  the sync can take up to 15 minutes.  This is a one-time set up -- you will only need to sync once while setting up the class team.


3. The Microsoft Teams item in the  Details & Actions Menu will display "Setting Up Teams".


4. Select the OK Button and proceed to the Activation step.


5. From your Teams app, in your MS Teams Feed you will see a new Blackboard Ultra Item.  Select the Activate Button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen,


6. Select the Activate Button to proceed.  Note: This process can not be undone.


7. Select OK to proceed.


8. You will now see the new Team listed in the Teams area of your MS Teams window.  NOTE: Your class roster automatically syncs with MS Teams.


9. Below is the General view.


10. MS Teams can now be accessed from the Blackboard course from the Microsoft Teams item in the  Details & Actions Menu.


Using MS Teams in Your Course

From the Open MS Teams link you can select either meetings or classes. 

Classes will take you to the actual MS Team site for the class.

Meetings will allow you to schedule a Team meeting and hold a virtual class session with your students.

Setting up Class Meetings via MS Teams

Teams Meetings provides the ability to invite your class to join you in an online virtual call, allowing users to view past and upcoming meetings, schedule individual or recurring meetings, and join the Teams meetings related to the course directly from Learn Ultra. Teams Meetings also interacts with Teams classes and is automatically enabled when Microsoft Teams is enabled in your course, allowing you to schedule meetings in Teams for specific channels in your Class.

To view or schedule class meetings, from the Details & Actions panel, click on Open Microsoft Teams > Open Microsoft Teams Meetings. Sign in to Microsoft using your CMU email address.  Class meetings already scheduled appear in the center of the screen based on the date selected in the upper left corner.  To schedule a new meeting click the purple New Meeting button.

MS Teams - Class Meeting Window


To schedule a meeting, fill in the options presented:

A.  Give your class meeting a name.

B. Determine who should be invited to the meeting.  If your entire class should attend, select Add Entire Class.

C.  Set date and time for meeting.

D.  Determine if meeting will reoccur and, if so, the frequency of reoccurrence.

E.  if desired, add your course's MS Teams channel.

F. If desired, add an additional location.

G. If desired, add additional meeting details.

H. To finalize meeting, hit Send.

MS Teams Class Meeting Set Up

Once a meeting has been scheduled, the upcoming meeting is displayed on the MS Teams Meeting page:

MS Teams - Scheduled Meeting Display


Once a Teams meeting has been scheduled, an email notification is sent to students in the class inviting them to the meeting. The meeting is added to their Outlook calendar.  On the day/time of the meeting participants can join from either their Outlook calendar invite or from the MS Teams link under Details & Actions.


MS Teams Classes

From the Details & Actions panel, click on Open Microsoft Teams > Open Microsoft Teams Classes.  click on the Open icon in the lower left corner to open the MS Teams class within the MS Teams application.

MS Teams Class Access

Once in the MS Teams application, you can add class materials, set up a class OneNote Notebook, or start a conversation:

MS Teams Class

In Teams, teamwork and communication happen in channels. A channel is a single place for a team to share messages, tools, and files.

  • Channels can be organized by group, project, feature, or whatever else is relevant to you.

  • Team members can adjust or limit the notifications they're getting from a channel.

  • Threads allow for focused and organized side conversations within channels.

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