Global ID: Why Won't My Password Work?


Occasionally, you may be able to access one system, but not another. This can be caused by MANY factors. Below are a list of causes to the symptom Incorrect password:

  • The Active Directory account may be locked, disabled, or the Global ID password may not be synchronized.
  • Your account may have been administratively deactivated to help protect and maintain the security of your account.
  • Your account may be expired (have you recently graduated or left the employment of the University?).
  • You may be entering a null (space) at the beginning or the end of your password.
  • You may lack access to the resource you are authenticating at (are you signing into the correct site or resource?).
  • The caps lock key may be on during some portion of entering Global ID or password, or your keyboard may be broken. You may be entering some portion of the credentials (Global ID and password) incorrectly.
  • You may be entering some portion of the credentials incorrectly.
  • You may be accessing a resource that necessitates that you attach the CENTRAL\ as a prefix to your Global ID.
  • You may be appending to your Global ID (most campus systems will not accept your full email address as your Global ID).
  • You may NOT be appending to your Global ID (if you are accessing a CMU resource THROUGH Microsoft, such as accessing files shared through OneDrive, software (Office) activation, or signing into you account from, it will require that you use your full CMU email address.).


As always, please feel free to contact the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662 for Global ID and password assistance.



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