CBA: SAP Front End GUI For Course Work

About the SAP Front End for Course Work (SAPFrontEndTeaching)

The Business Information Systems (BIS) department within CMU's College of Business Administration (CBA) is home to a program known as the SAP University Alliance (SAPUA).  Many of the courses taught from within BIS require students and faculty to have access to SAP software.  Specifically, they will need to utilize the "SAP GUI for Teaching" or "SAP Front End for Teaching/Coursework".

Use a Virtual Lab to Access the SAP Software

The easiest way for students to access the SAP software needed for their courses would be to login to one of the University's Virtual Lab environments. 

See the links below for instructions on how to access either of the two options.

CMU Virtual Lab 
CBA Virtual Lab

Once logged in, you should find the SAP Logon software needed to work within CBA's SAP environment.

Option - Download and Install the SAP Software on Your Personal System

Accessing the SAP software from within a virtual lab environment is definitely easier, but it is also possible to download and install the SAP Front End For Teaching software on your personally owned computer in some cases.

Download Links

Download link for Windows version of SAP Front End For Teaching.

What to do After Installation

Important - When attempting to connect to CBA's SAP environment from your personal computer, it is likely that you will first need to establish a VPN connection to the campus network using the GlobalProtect VPN.  This is due to the fact that CBA's SAP environment is hosted on CMU's internal network, and not reachable from outside.

After a VPN connection is established, use the SAP Logon application to connect to and work within the CBA SAP environment.

Need Help?

If you are having trouble accessing the SAP Software that you need, you can call the OIT Help Desk at 989-774-3662.  You can also enter your request for help directly on this form.  If you are a student, it is also advised that you make your instructor aware of your issue.  They may be able to help you directly, but it is also good to keep them in the loop of technical troubles should they occur.


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